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Treated Lumber

Pressure-Treated Wood

ProWood® Micro CA

Revolutionary ProWood Micro CA is the next generation of pressure-treated wood. The preservative used to treat ProWood Micro CA contains copper that has been micronized to lessen corrosion—so, expensive fasteners are no longer necessary.




About ProWood® Micro Dry

ProWood Micro Dry pressure-treated lumber has been kiln-dried after treatment (KDAT) to prevent substantial shrinkage, warping, and cupping after it’s installed.

Pressure treatment involves “impregnating” wood with a preservative system. As it dries after treatment, lumber often shrinks, cups, and warps. But if pressure-treated lumber is dried before it’s installed, it will undergo only limited dimensional changes. ProWood kiln-dried lumber is dried in a controlled environment at the treatment plant—not after it has already been built into place.

Holds Tight and Stays Tight

Because ProWood has been “pre-shrunk,” the nails holding together your building project will hold tight and stay tight, and joints won’t loosen or weaken. The metal fasteners used with ProWood Micro Dry products won’t corrode easily either, because the wood has been pressure-treated with the special micronized formula. ProWood Micro Dry also has superior strength and stiffness and is more uniform in size than other pressure-treated wood products.

Paint, Seal or Coat It—Immediately

Moisture trapped inside wood is one of the most common causes of paint blistering and peeling. Standard pressure-treated wood must dry naturally for weeks or months before it can be painted or coated, but ProWood Micro Dry can be immediately painted, stained, or sealed with water repellant. When left alone, ProWood Micro Dry weathers to a natural, driftwood gray.

Lighter Weight

The removal of excess moisture makes ProWood Micro Dry lighter than standard pressure-treated wood and easier to handle, cut, and install on any project. Its lighter weight reduces handling and building costs.

Popular Applications

ProWood Micro Dry is most commonly used for decking, building codes applications that require kiln-dried wood, permanent wood foundations, and industrial applications such as pole barns, marine construction, loading docks, boat panels, flatbed trailers, truck beds, outdoor storage sheds and fresh water applications.

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Shop over 70,000 items!
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